FAQ for New Families

Welcome to The Founders Academy Public Charter School!
Answers for New Families from Current Parents and Administrators

Updated:  July 30, 2021   

1. When is Drop Off and Pick Up and How Does it Work?
The school day begins at 7:45am (drop off starts at 7:20am). The school day ends at 3:10pm (pick up ends at 3:30pm). Students arriving and departing by car do so at the back of the building.

Parent / guardian drivers should follow the directional signals of the traffic attendants when loading and unloading vehicles. Bus students (Manchester residents only) are dropped off and picked up at the front of the building.

Student drivers need to fill out this form before driving to school themselves.

A further explanation of the Drop Off and Pick Up procedure.

2. Do I Need a Parent @tfanh.org Email Address?
Yes. The Student Handbook requires that communication regarding students via email happen only on @tfanh.org email addresses. Once you confirm enrollment, a @tfanh.org email address will be created for you. Instructions for setting up your @tfanh.org account will go to your personal email address. You will be prompted to change the password upon log-in.

We strongly suggest you check your @tfanh.org email regularly for school communications. New students will have an opportunity to create their @tfanh.org email addresses during computer classes. If you have any further questions on this, please contact Ms. Marcotte at j.marcotte@tfanh.org.

3. What is the Online Student Portal (also known as Rediker)?
The online student portal is used by teachers to post graded assignments (including homework) as well as grades. Both parent/guardians and students can access the Online Student Portal any time to see completed work, graded work, missing work, direct messages from teachers, and disciplinary incidents. You can find the entryway to the portal here, along with a helpful instructional video. If you have issues with portal access, please contact Ms. Marcotte at j.marcotte@tfanh.org.

4. What is a Course Syllabus and Where can I find it?
Every teacher at The Founders Academy must have a syllabus for each course taught and it is introduced to students the first week of school.

Items in the syllabus include class description, class objectives, suggested supplies, required texts, overview of lessons/assignments, and more.  The syllabus can be found on each teacher's web page in the Staff Directory and in the Google Classrooms. 

5. What is Google Classroom?
At Founders, there are four online ways to communicate: email, portal, Google Classroom, and our website. Each teacher is to have a site on Google Classroom for his/her classes. Within Google Classroom are detailed assignments (but not grades), the teacher's syllabus, and other instructions for the class.

Students are instructed on how to enter Google Classroom and can log-in through their @tfanh.org email addresses.  Parents will receive an email to accept guardian notifications from Google Classroom. After notification preferences are set to either daily, weekly or monthly, parents will receive emails regarding missing and upcoming assignments. Here are some tips about parent notifications from Google Classroom.

6. What is the School's Dress Code?
The school's Dress Code was developed by Student Government. It was recently revised by the Board of Trustees and appears in the Student Handbook. The Dress Code can also be found online here

7. What Summer Assignments and Supplies are Needed to Start School?
Summer assignments are posted for students on the school's website here. Students should do the assignments posted for the grades they are entering in the fall. Middle School students have required school supplies and reading list found here. Other supplies (including for High School students) will be reviewed by individual teachers and located in the course syllabus.

8. Where Can I Find Out What's Going On?
Founders uses its website for updates, its official Facebook Group, Twitter account (@foundersnh), email, portal and Google Classrooms to communicate. Additionally, there is an online calendar of events on the school's website here. Each Friday, the Dean sends out a Parent / Guardian Newsletter through email. 

9. Where Can I Go for Questions?
Students and parents need a smooth transition into a new school. We are here to help. General inquiries can be addressed to info@tfanh.org or administration@tfanh.org. If your child will be absent from school, please email attendance@tfanh.org.

Teacher emails can be found on the Staff Directory.

Bus inquiries (Manchester students only) should be directed to transportation@tfanh.org.

Of course, you can always call the school at: (603) 952-4705. 

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