Dress Code

The Founders Academy Dress Code 2016-2017

The Founders Academy Dress Code was created by students in collaboration with the Dean and teachers.  It is based on principles of respectfulness, modesty, neatness and appropriateness.  The purpose is to promote self-respect, respect for others, and for the school as a place of learning, and to create a professional appearance to the world.

Exceptions may be granted for religious reasons, if they do not create a risk to public health or safety.

Staff will be responsible for upholding the dress code by reporting possible violations to the Dean, her assistant, or to the guidance counselor.  The decision of any one of these three administrators will be considered final.  In certain cases students will not return to classes until a change of clothes has taken place.

Styles of Tops
• T-shirt
• Polo shirt
• High v-neck
• Blouse, including sleeveless blouse
• Button down shirt
• Turtle neck
• Sweatshirt 
• Sweater
• Hoody

Enforced Guidelines for Tops
• Hoods and hats off
• No inappropriate, negative or disrespectful messages or graphics on any tops
• Tops must go from modest neckline to belt line
• Shoulders and backs must be covered; see-through tops in front or back must have shirts underneath
• Tops covering tights or leggings must hang 3 inches below the rear bottom
• No rips, tears or holes in tops

Styles of Bottoms
• Khakis
• Jeans
• Flare pants
• Cassidy pants
• Capris
• Jumpsuits
• Rompers
• Corduroys
• Leggings and tights
• Shorts 2 ½ inches above the knee
• Skirts and dresses

Enforced Guidelines for Bottoms
• All bottoms must fit appropriately—neither too tight nor too loose.
• Pants must not fall below the waist.
• No rips, tears or holes in bottoms
• Leggings and tights must be solid unless worn under shorts, a skirt or a dress.

• All bottoms must not be more that 2½ inches above the knees.

• No messages or words on bottoms

• No sweat pants or gym shorts. For gym class you may change into these and then change back into school clothes after gym.

Shoes must be safe and practical.  All shoes must have backs. Toes may be open. No flip-flops or sandals. Heels on girls’ shoes must be no more that 2 ½ inches high.

Make up, Jewelry, and Hair
Hair, make up, and accessories will be modest and appropriate. No piercings (other than traditional earrings) or body art may be visible. Students may only wear natural hair colors.

Updated March 10, 2016

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