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Founders Academy's Clubs and Committees

Founders offers several clubs and committees for student participation and leadership opportunities. Below are descriptions of the clubs and committees offered at Founders. Students may also request additional clubs throughout the school year.

Ambassadors Club

Advisor: Dean Mooney

The Ambassadors Club consists of students who represent The Founders Academy. The club is responsible for greeting special guests at the school and showing them around the building and classrooms. The club also assists prospective new students by welcoming them to The Founders Academy.

Admissions Committee

Advisor: Ms. Hyotte

The Admissions Committee will facilitate with admissions events and tours by being student representatives and leaders.

Student Senate

Advisors: Mr. Gaumont

The mission of this club is to develop in students excellent qualities of character and leadership by affording them a real opportunity to lead.

House of Representatives

Advisor: Ms. Moore

The House of Representatives is the middle school student government. Students represent their Round Tables and the student body at large. These students review school policies and student issues. The body is also responsible for student activities, including planning the Olympics day at the end of each year.

Restorative Discipline Committee

Advisor: Ms. Humphrey

The Restorative Discipline Committee will meet on an as needed basis to settle issues that arise between students and between students and teachers on a voluntary basis. Students will help to solve problems by gathering involved parties together, asking questions, encouraging violators of our Code of Conduct to take responsibility for their actions and to make amends. Sometimes consequences will be applied, but never unrelated punishments. In all cases the purpose is always to heal the situation among all stake holders.

Restorative Discipline Website

History Club

The History Club's mission is to connect Founders students with real-life, tangible historical experiences through reading, discussion, presentation, guest speakers, field trips, movies, and reenactments.

The History Club focuses on all aspects of history from ancient times to the present; and from New England to the world. Students will have opportunities to explore topics of particular interest to them, and delve into events and people much more deeply than can be done in a survey course in World or American History.

The History Club is open to all Founders students, and students can join anytime during the school year just by attending meetings. The History Club meets bi-weekly.

Ancient Egypt Club

Advisor: Mr. Ste. Croix

The Ancient Egypt Club will learn about ancient Egypt, go to science and art museums to study their history and art, and may even learn how to read and write hieroglyphics.

This club meets on Mondays from 3:15-4:15.

Debate Club

Advisor: Mr. Gaumont

This club will allow students to speak their minds on different topics in front of their peers. This will be good for our school because it will solidify students' opinions on matters, help them speak out from on crowds, and introduce them to new topics.

Veterans Affairs Club

Advisors: Ms. Marcotte, Mr. Kline

The Veterans Affairs Club plans and implements our Veteran's Day Assembley. Club members will have the opportunity to take on various leadership roles while showing appreciation for members of the armed forces.

FIRST Lego League

Advisors: Mr. Fung, Mr. Mulledy

First Lego League Team #22347 is at The Founders Academy for 2017/2018! This year's challenge, HYDRO DYNAMICS information can be found at this link (

This is a hands on experience to gain knowledge and know how to plan, design, build, and program a complex reconfigurable robot to accomplish challenging tasks of the HYDRO DYNAMICS missions.

If you have any questions, please contact Coach Jim Fung ( or Coach Joseph Mulledy (

First Tech Challenge

Advisor: Ms. Scarpone

Are you up for the challenge of designing, building, programming, and operating robots to play a floor game in an alliance format?

It's way more than building robots!

FIRST Tech Callenge teams (10+ members) are challenged to design, build, program, and operate robots to play a floor game in an alliance format. Participants call it "the hardest fun you'll ever have!" Guided by adult Coaches and Mentors, students develop STEM skill and practice engineering principles (like keeping an an engineering notebook), while rerealizing the value of hard work, innovation, and sharing ideas. The robot kit is reusable from year-to-year and can be programmed using a variety of languages. Teams also musst raise funds, design and market their team brand, and do community outreach for which they can win awards. Participants have access to tens of millions of dollars in college scholarships.

Grades 7-12; ages 12-18

The TFA FTC team meets Tuesdays after school until 4:30 in the lower cafeteria.

Tech Squad

Advisor: Ms. Marcotte

Students assist in the maintenance of Chromebooks & Desktop Computers. The Tech Squad meets during J block on Friday.

MATHCOUNTS! Club and Competitive Team

Advisor: Mr. Croteau, Ms. Nichols

Do you like numbers? Have fun doing math? Like a challenge? Then the Math Club is for you! There are two pieces of this program, sponsored by MATHCOUNTS, a national middle-school coaching and competitive mathematics program that promotes mathematical achievement. MATHCOUNTS Competition Team: This team will consist of 4 to 10 members, grades 6-8. There is a one-time, $25 registration fee per student. Students will recieve coaching and participate in a series of fun and engaging 'bee-style' mathematics contests. Competitions are December (local) through March (State). National competition is held in May in Boston, MA. Scholoarship money is awarded for winning teams. Please visit for more complete details.

The MATH CLUB is similar, but non-competitive. Up to 20 students can participate, but they must be in grades 6-8. There is a chance to win money for the math department based on club achievements.

Ethics and Economics Education and Discussion Club

Advisor: Mr. Goldsmith

In this once-weekly (plus occasional home readings) gathering, students from grades 9 to 12 can meet with others who are interested in the timeless questions of what is "right" or "just", how society best functions, the sovereignty of the indivudual, and how economics is connected to these philosophical questions. At the end of the year, students can give a speech for a $500 scholarship. The club meets on Mondays, directly after school for until 2:10 or 2:40.

Decade Club

Advisor: Mr. Goldsmith

The Deacade Club will teach students in grades 6-8 about the music, technology, clothing styles, and major events in the specific decade. They will be focusing mainly on the 1900's. It is possible that the club will host an assembly at the end of each quarter to share what they learned as well.

The club will meet Fridays during J period.

Random Acts of Kindness Committee

Advisor: Ms. Hyotte

The Random Acts of Kindness Committee is a small group of students who want to spread kindness at school and in our community.

Recycling Committee

Advisor: Ms. Fortier

Recycling Committee is a parent driven/student supported committee that brings awareness of the importance of recycling to The Founders Academy. They also are responsible for collecting and disposing of recyclable trash on a weekly basis.

Journalism Club

Advisors: Ms. Goodrich-Bundy, Ms. Small

The Journalism Club reports on the ordinary and extraordinary happenings at Founders. Students will meet on a regular basis to work on their stories for our quarterly newspaper, the TFA Times. Our journalists get to interview special guests and honored members of the Founders community.

In the upcoming school year we will be incorporating some special editions to be released throughout the school year. Join us in the Journalism Club and make your mark as a writer, a photographer, or an artist!

In this club you will get experience writing and publishing for our student newspaper.

NANOWRIMO Writer's Club

Advisor: Ms. Small

National Novel Writing Month Young Writer's program encourages students to silence their inner critic and complete a novel in one month. We will meet one day after school starting the last week of October to prepare and then begin writing novels and analyzing aspects of novel writing together as a group in the theree weeks we are in school in November. We will celebrate our effort and work on polishing our drafts in the month of December.

Chess Club

Advisor: Ms. Nichols

The Chess Club will meet in either the lower cafe or in Ms. Nichols's room to play chess. At some point the club will start a competition.

Book Club

Advisor: Mr. Fernandes

On the first Monday of every month the club will meet to discuss the book that they will be reading. The club meets once a month so that the students will have enough time to read the book. The meeting time is from 3:15-4:15.

High School Yearbook Committee

Advisor: Mrs. Hyotte

The Yearbook Club helps to capture the memories and moments of the school year. From photography to design, students will get hands-on opportunities to help create the yearbook and make it a success!

Middle School Yearbook Committee


Description coming soon

Student Activities Committee

Advisor: Ms. Efraimson

The Spirit Committee is comprised of spirited students form each grade. The organization of 'special' days at Founders such as "Pajama Day", "Crazy Hair Day", "Twin Day", etc. is coordinated and promoted by the Spirit Committee. They are also responsible for the coordination of "Teacher Appreciation" week.

Spirit Committee is a place to share school spirit ideas and convey the "spirit" of Founders to the student body.

Dance Committee

Advisor: Mrs. DiPietro

The Dance Committee was created 4 years ago by several 8th-grade parents and students, who wanted to add an outside activity to the school and create new opportunities for social interaction. Currently, TFA hold three dances each year, Halloween, winter, and spring semi-formal. We employ a professional DJ for all the dances and occasionally sponsor other activites such as a photo booth. There is a cover charge required to attend, with parents donating time, food and drink to defray costs. Any parents or students interested in participating on the committee should reach out to

Sewing Club

Advisors: Ms. Nichols, Mrs. Fortier

Come join sewing club! This club welcomes new and experienced sewers.  We will be learning how to sew by hand and with a machine to create a wide variety of projects.  Some projects will include clothing, bags, and community service projects.  If you have a sewing machine you would like to use, please bring it! If you don't have one, we have some to share. Mrs. Nichols and Mrs. Fortier co-lead sewing club.  Please email for any questions.

Theater Club (Middle School Club and High School Club)

Advisor: Ms. Mote

The Founders Academy has both a Middle School and a High School Drama Club. Within Drama Club, every student can find a place to contribute. From technical jobs, such as set building and painting, to lighting and sound, our students take leadership roles within the production. They work together in teams to learn new skills and help create mentoring relationships. Participating in theatre helps to build student confidence and promotes team work, commitment, and responsibility. In the words of one of our students: "Theater is very important in student lives because it gives them more confidence and self respect, which is a very important feature in a future leader."

In 2017, our High School Drama Club participated in the New Hampshire Educationals Theatre Guild Festival for the first time and was one of three schools at the festival to be awarded "Best Production" recognition, allowing them to advance to the State Festival. We are also in the process of joining the International Thespian Society to open up a troupe of this honors organization for both our High School and Middle School Drama Club!

Previous Awards:
"Best production"-NHETG Regional Festival, 2017
"Recognition of Hair and Makeup Design"-NHETG Regional Festival, 2017

Cinderella Musical

Advisor: Ms. Cormier

The Choral Department will be presenting a performance of an original version of "Cinderella". This musical production enjoys a thirty member cast with students taking leadership roles in every aspect of the production, including performance, set design, costumes, and marketing. Our performance will be on Nov. 17 & 18 at The Founders Academy at 6:30 pm.

Running Club

Advisor: Ms. Nichols

Meets Thursdays after school from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.

Garden Club

Advisor: Ms. Scantlebury

The Garden Club will be gardening in front of the school and in the greenhouse after school on Thursdays.

Landscaping Committee

Advisor: Mrs. Benard

The Landscaping Committee is designing and implementing the trangular area behind the school for student use.

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