Admissions Policy


Admissions Policy Overview

The Founders Academy is an open enrollment, public school. New Hampshire applicants who meet the school’s admission criteria may apply. The school may accept out-of-state students at a fee to be set annually, on a space available basis.

The criteria for admission are listed below:
1) The applicant will have successfully completed the school year preceding admission with credits or creditable work in all core subjects with verification of last grade completed by the sending school district or Department of Education.

2) The applicant demonstrates an interest in one of the core focus areas of leadership, in-depth studies of U.S. and World History, U.S. and Classic Literature, Business and Entrepreneurship, Finance, Law, Ethics, Rhetoric and Debate:
  • Academic Survey from Founders Admissions Application
  • Optional portfolio
  • Documented projects/experiments
  • Membership in various  extracurricular activities
3) The applicant and his/her parent/guardian will agree to the mission of the school, its policies, program, and expectations.
Students seeking enrollment must complete Founders’ application process which includes completion of the application package and sending in the required paperwork.  Students may need to take a placement test, and attending an information session/Open House is mandatory.

Application Related Dates and Public Notification
An application deadline will be set and publicly posted by the start of each academic year for admission to Founders in the following academic year.
This information will be made public in the following venues:
  • Founders website
  • A New Hampshire state-wide newspaper
  • At two local libraries
  • Notification sent by email to all current Founders families

Application Package
The application will be available online and will include what is necessary to meet the Founders Charter and NH State requirements.

Placement Test
Applicants may be required to complete a Placement Test for mathematics and Language Arts. The results will determine where an applicant should be placed  within Founders' curriculum as well as whether the student has competencies that  they should acquire prior to attending Founders. The results of this test will be made available to the applicant’s parents/guardians.

An individual meeting with the Founders Admissions Committee or designated staff is recommended for any applicant who scores below the competency level set for the test. It is recommended the applicant and at least one parent/guardian is present at the meeting.

Information Session

Every applicant and one parent/guardian is required to attend one of three information sessions/Open Houses held during the year. They are posted on the school website each year and usually take place in October, November, and January.


If there are more applicants that have successfully completed the Application Process than available spaces in any grade or program, a lottery will be conducted according to Founders' charter. Each applicant will be counted as one entry into the lottery. The lottery will be conducted at Founders by an adult who is unaffiliated with Founders and who has no child applying to attend.

The following exceptions will apply on a space-available basis, in the following order:
  • Children of The Founders Academy founders (up to four spaces on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Siblings of current Founders students who are New Hampshire residents
  • Children of current Founders employees (up to five spaces on a first-come, first-served basis)
  • Children of current Founders board members  (up to five spaces on a first-come, first-served basis)


Applicants who are not admitted from the lottery will be placed on a wait list in the order their names are drawn, according to grade or program. Should an opening otherwise occur, placement will be offered based on waiting list order. Once the school year has begun, applicants requesting to transfer to Founders will be invited to complete an application package and once successfully completed, will be placed at the bottom of the wait list according to grade or program.

Reopening Admissions

At the discretion of Founders Admissions and conforming to all elements of this policy, Admissions may be reopened prior to the beginning of the academic school year, if it is anticipated openings will become available in any grade level for which a wait list does not exist.
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