The Founders Faculty

The Founders Academy is blessed with an exceptional group of teachers who have come to us out of a commitment to the charter school model and to the mission of our school.

We are thankful for their devotion to our students, evidenced in creative teaching, long hours of work, and a willingness to continually learn and to try new things.

For many teachers there is a financial sacrifice as well.  And for this we are profoundly grateful for helping to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

Each month the Founders highlights our Teacher/Faculty Member of the Month. We always welcome your nominations!

May 2020 - Dean Mooney


The Employee of the Month for May is Dean Mooney. Dean Mooney is the Dean of School at Founders.  This is her sixth year at Founders. Dean Mooney was intrigued by the mission of The Founders Academy before the school was even open. She raised the flag on the first day the school was open and soon after became the head of school.

Dean Mooney’s leadership throughout the past six years has been the driving force behind the school’s success. She has created a rigorous and welcoming environment that revolves around the school’s mission.

Dean Mooney’s passion for character, leadership, American history, and liberty resonates throughout the school. She worked with focus, determination, and out of genuine caring for the students, teachers, and greater community.

Congratulations, Dean Mooney and THANK YOU for all that you do for Founders!

April 2020 - Melissa Moyer


The Employee of the Month for April is Mrs. Moyer. Mrs. Moyer is the Special Education and 504 Coordinator and Counselor. This is her first year at Founders.

Mrs. Moyer is very busy and very efficient in her work. She handles multiple documents and attends meetings to assure that students are getting what they need. She has made a positive impact in our community. When administration has an overflow of work, she quickly steps up to assist. She excels at following up and following through on her work.

Congratulations, Mrs. Moyer, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

March 2020 - Lauren Brouillette


The Employee of the Month for March is Ms. Lauren Brouillette. Ms. Brouillette is the Assistant to the Dean.  This is her fourth year at Founders. Ms. Brouillette does many things to assist the Dean and administration in the day-to-day operations of Founders.

She works on lengthy detailed projects, as well as quicker assignments. She belongs to the Admissions and Operations Committees, and she has nearly perfect work attendance. For four years now, she has worked closely with the Dean to coordinate the "Best Practices" conference hosted by the New Hampshire Alliance for Public Charter Schools. This conference for over 200 attendees requires many hours of attention to detail and careful organization.

Congratulations, Ms. Brouillette, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

February 2020 - Chris Rodrigues


The Teacher of the Month for February is Mr. Rodrigues. Mr. Rodrigues is an English Teacher at Founders.  He has been at Founders since 2018. He has worked in Special Education, monitors the afterschool Homework Club and advises the German Club. He has a great interest in education and is always thinking of ways to share his knowledge.

Mr. Rodrigues is always willing to “step up” and help out wherever he is needed. We are fortunate to have him at Founders.

Congratulations, Mr. Rodrigues, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

January 2020 - Cassie Hayes


The Employee of the Month for January is Mrs. Hayes. Mrs. Hayes is the Director of Faculty at Founders. This is her third year at Founders, and previously she was a math teacher. As the Director of Faculty, she supports the teachers by evaluating their performances, coordinating substitute coverage, overseeing standardized testing, and chairing the Curriculum Committee this year.

Mrs. Hayes has the keen ability to notice both the smallest and largest details necessary for operating Founders. She offers the Dean of School extraordinary and reliable assistance on matters related to school operations. Mrs. Hayes' role of supporting teachers works to advance the school's mission and educate students. We are fortunate to have her at Founders.

Congratulations, Mrs. Hayes, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders! 

December 2019 - Michael Dupont


The Teacher of the Month for December is Mr. Dupont. Mr. Dupont teaches Civics and Leadership, US History I and History 2. He is in his first year as a History teacher at Founders. Mr. Dupont also served ten years in the New Hampshire Army National Guard.

Mr. Dupont gave a great speech at this year's Veterans' Day Assembly. (You can read his speech here.)  He was very eager to teach at Founders because of its mission. We are fortunate to have him at Founders.

Congratulations, Mr. Dupont, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

November 2019 - Audra Huffman

Mrs. Huffman

The Teacher of the Month for November is Mrs. Huffman.  Mrs. Huffman teaches US History I and II as well as World History. She is in her second year as a History teacher at Founders. Mrs. Huffman always comes to school prepared, organized, and energetic.

Mrs. Huffman has been helping at our Admissions Open Houses by running a sample history lesson for prospective parents and students to see.We are fortunate to have her at Founders.

Congratulations, Mrs. Huffman, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

October 2019 - Jonathan Gracza

Jonathan Gracza

The Teacher of the Month for October is Mr. Gracza. Mr. Gracza is in his second year at Founders. He teaches Ethics, Rhetoric, Utopia/Dystopia, Speech Debate and World Religions. Over the summer, he offered a summer camp on debating. He makes his classes very lively, even dressing as an English Judge.

Mr. Gracza is already thinking about the summer of 2020 as he and Mr. Ste Croix are planning the logistics for summer camps starting with parent and teacher surveys.

Congratulations, Mr. Gracza, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

September 2019 - Lori Ragas


This month we highlight Ms. Ragas who is our Assistant Director of Operations. 

The Employee of the Month for September is Ms. Ragas. Ms. Ragas came to Founders in the middle of last year. It is not always easy coming to the school in the middle of the year, but Ms. Ragas "hit the ground running." She manages many things at the front desk including busing, phones, food pantry, student issues, donations, and the health office. Busing can be a very big job at the beginning of the year and she did it with determination; even staying until midnight the night before the first day of school!

Congratulations, Ms. Ragas, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

June 2019 - Kevin Quigley


The Teacher of the Month for June is Mr. Quigley. Mr. Quigley has completed his first year teaching at Founders. He teaches French. Mr. Quigley quickly became a part of the Founders' community with his years of teaching experience and unique classroom style. He has been recognized for his pedagogy, presented at Best Practices, and advised clubs. He is humorous, thoughtful of the students and has traveled the world.

Congratulations, Mr. Quigley, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

May 2019 - Joseph Tissot


The Teacher of the Month for May is Mr. Tissot. Mr. Tissot has taught French and Spanish at Founders since 2016. He is trilingual and chooses to share his vast knowledge of world languages with Founders' students.

Currently, Mr. Tissot teaches middle and high school French and Spanish classes. He spends each summer taking comprehensive language classes himself to increase his understanding of linguistics. Congratulations, Mr. Tissot, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

April 2019 - Jennifer Fortier


The Teacher of the Month for April is Mrs. Fortier. Mrs. Fortier has taught Art at Founders since 2016.  She has done a great job with art curriculum development and brightening up the school with murals.  She started by having students paint the storefront of the school store to resemble an European Cafe. 

Now, she and her students are working on an elaborate mural across from the Hall of Presidents to commemorate the members of the U.S. military and national monuments. Mrs. Fortier also secured a kiln for the school which has enhanced the art program. 

Congratulations, Mrs. Fortier, and THANK YOU for all you do at Founders!

March 2019 - Joanna Marcotte 


The Teacher of the Month for March is Ms. Marcotte. Ms. Marcotte has taught Computer Science at Founders since 2015. She has done a remarkable job with developing the Computer Science curriculum, chairing the Business and Technology Department, finding professional development opportunities for herself and colleagues, providing countless learning opportunities that benefit students, managing the school’s social media presence and marketing the school for admissions. Ms. Marcotte is a tremendous asset to Founders, a regular presenter at NH Best Practices each March, and was recently recognized for her work by receiving the NCWIT NH Affiliate Educator Award. She also helps with extracurricular activities including the ever-important middle and high school yearbooks.

Congratulations, Ms. Marcotte, and THANK YOU for being a great cheerleader for Founders! 

February 2019 - Emily Ciccarello


The Teacher of the Month for February is Mrs. Emily Ciccarello. Mrs. Ciccarello has been with Founders for 2 years teaching various chorus classes.

This year she coordinated a student directed play for the Middle School Drama Club, “The Enchanted Bookshop”. Ms. Ciccarello has hosted choral concerts and is always there to lend a helping hand.

She also works in the school store with students every first lunch of the day. Congratulations, Ms. Ciccarello! 

January 2019 - Robert Theriaque


The Teacher of the Month for January is Mr. Theriaque. Mr. Theriaque has been with Founders for 2.5 years teaching various science classes. Mr. Theriaque came to Founders with years of experience teaching science at a Catholic school. He started teaching at Founders mid-year which isn't easy to do.

He is very knowledgeable about chemistry, physics, and space science. He is known for his vast collection of space shuttle memorabilia and always bringing his winter coat to second lunch for outdoor recess. Mr. Theriaque's Round Table has led the annual moment of silence each January in memory of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

We are proud to have him at Founders! Congratulations, Mr. Theriaque! 

December 2018 - Troy Aarthun


The Teacher of the Month for December is Mr. Aarthun. Mr. Aarthun is in his third year at Founders teaching Finance and Accounting/Entrepreneurship. Mr. Aarthun, as a part time teacher, balances his busy full time financial profession with teaching. He is very dedicated to his students and makes it a point to be available for Back to School Night and parent inquiries. 

Mr. Aarthun is very conscientious about his students succeeding. He always attends faculty meetings and even "steps up" for duties if full time teachers are unable. Additionally, as another example of his longtime dedication to students, he is a West Point Academy Admissions Representative in this region for prospective students. Congratulations, Mr. Aarthun!

November 2018 - Seth Wales


The Teacher of the Month for November is Mr. Wales. Mr. Wales is in his first year at Founders teaching Computer Science. Mr. Wales was so eager to be a part of the Founders community he accepted a Computer Science position even though he had applied to be a Math teacher.

He always comes to school with a cheerful demeanor and consistent willingness to help others. Mr. Wales volunteers to take extra duties, cover classes, and "steps up" to assist students during his planning periods.

Additionally, Mr. Wales has several activities he's involved in outside of school including skiing, hiking, biking, photography, farming, spending time with his family, bird watching, and other outdoor activities.  We are fortunate to have Mr. Wales at Founders. Congratulations, Mr. Wales! 

October 2018 - Kimberly Galambos

Kim Galambos

The Teacher of the Month for October is Mrs. Galambos. Mrs. Galambos (formerly Ms. Scantlebury) has taught at Founders for nearly three years. During that time she was the Chairman of the Math and Science Department, and then later the Science Department.

As the theme of this school year is Entrepreneurship, Mrs. Galambos has already arranged for a speaker from the Center for Women & Enterprise to present to students and is working on a speaker from the Small Business Administration. She's also requested that students who have any ideas about this year's theme speak with her to coordinate. In her own words about this year's theme of the year, "I'm kinda taking it on as a personal project." Congratulations, Mrs. Galambos! 

September 2018 - Josiah Weekley


The Teacher of the Month for September is Mr. Weekley. Mr. Weekley arrived at Founders this year to teach History. He previously taught at school in Rhode Island, and is well versed in the classics. Mr. Weekley quickly immersed himself in the school’s mission and began preparing for the new school year in July. Earlier this month, Mr. Weekley demonstrated the theme of "stepping up" when he volunteered to assist with Student Senate. Congratulations, Mr. Weekley!

June 2018 - Megan Brown

TOTM Brown

Miss Brown is the Teacher of the Month for June. Miss Brown is teaching in her first year at Founders.  She has a passion for history, especially the Civil War era. She "stepped up" to co-advise the House of Representatives, help with the Olympic Field Day and the End of Year Convocation. Students are fortunate to have Miss Brown as an advisor and teacher.

Congratulations, Miss Brown! 

May 2018 - Natasha Hyde 


Mrs. Hyde is the Teacher of the Month for May. Mrs. Hyde is teaching in her first year at Founders. She is dedicated to math and her students. When she arrived at Founders, she “hit the ground running” by preparing her classroom and lessons for the school year. Students are fortunate to have Mrs. Hyde here.

Congratulations, Mrs. Hyde! 

March 2018 - Traci Strub


The Teacher of the Month for March, 2018 is Mrs. Strub! Mrs. Strub has taught art at Founders for two years. She is a parent and a teacher here. Her art lessons have greatly brightened up her classroom, the front foyer and the back hallway.

Mrs. Strub has a very active Round Table. She is very responsible as a teacher and quickly turns around assignments given to her. Mrs. Strub truly lives up to the theme of "stepping up."

Recently, when an ask was made to make St. Valentine and St. Patrick Day cards for the seniors at Meals on Wheels, Mrs. Strub quickly volunteered. As a result, the elderly citizens at Meals on Wheels have been extremely touched by and thankful for the beautiful cards they received from Founders' students. 

Congratulations, Mrs. Strub!

January 2018 - Virginia Nichols

Nichols TOTM

The Teacher of the Month for January 2018 is Ms. Nichols! Ms. Nichols is in her second year teaching math at Founders. Currently she teaches Algebra, Geometry and Math Course 3.

However, Ms. Nichols does much more than teach at Founders! She is the advisor for the Running Club, the Sewing Club, MATHCOUNTS, Chess Club, and has offered to "step up" as an adviser for additional clubs that may interest students too! She has great school spirit, always supports students and staff, and works hard for her students.

Congratulations, Ms. Nichols!

December 2017 - Stuart Ste. Croix

Mr. Ste. Croix

This month Founders recognizes the Teacher of the Month for December: Mr. Ste. Croix!  Mr. Ste. Croix  teaches English at Founders. He also has a sixth grade Round Table. He is very dedicated to the school, it’s mission and traditions. He is always available to help students and teachers while remaining positive and at all times.

Mr. Ste. Croix creates a positive and rigorous classroom environment for all of his students. He is passionate about reading, writing and the success of each student he works with. Founder is so fortunate to have his dedication and talents here!

November 2017 - Christopher Kline

Cline TOTM

Congratulations to Mr. Kline who is the Teacher of the Month for November! Mr. Kline doesn't sit still when it comes to helping our school. Whether it is a matter of curriculum, discipline or departmental affairs, Mr. Kline has helpful input and a pleasant attitude. Mr. Kline is a Veteran, a proud father of (now) three, and cares very much about students and teaching.   

Congratulations again to Mr. Kline, teacher of the month!

October 2017 - Andrew Croteau

Croteau TOTM

Congratulations to Mr. Croteau who is the Teacher of the Month for October!  Mr. Croteau came to our school a year ago and has been working very hard on his math classes as well as curriculum. It has not been easy to organize the math curriculum but Mr. Croteau has made great progress. He is always there for his students, and makes it a point to always have a big smile and say hello to everyone he meets.  Mr. Croteau always has a friendly demeanor, enjoys being a team player, and is very patient with everyone.

Congratulations again to Mr. Croteau, teacher of the month!

September 2017 - Jackie Efraimson

Efraimson TOTM

Ms. Efraimson is the Teacher of the Month for September, 2017! Ms. Efraimson was chosen for many reasons. She has truly demonstrated already one of the themes of the school year, "stepping up." When there was an opening in her Department for Chairman she rose to the occasion. On top of that, when there was an opening to chair this year's 6th Grade Orientation Subcommittee, she volunteered for that important task too.  

Ms. Efraimson is always thinking of new ideas to bring school spirit to students, and loves teaching. She is highly regarded by students, faculty and staff for her upbeat personality, "can do" attitude, and passion for school spirit.

Congratulations, Ms. Efraimson!

May 2017 - Greg Van Ewyk

Van Ewyk

"Mr. Van Ewyk was born and grew up in Cobb County, Georgia. During his time as a high school student his favorite subject was actually science and he wanted to become a science teacher, but changed his mind as he got to the higher levels because of the math. He attended Georgia State where he received his Masters in Social Studies Education.

He has been teaching for over ten years, and his favorite thing about The Founders Academy is its appreciation of American Tradition.

His hobbies include tennis, volleyball, bowling, playing with his dog, and selling books. He used to be a stand up comedian, and was even an actor in a movie, a job for which he was paid $78 whole dollars.

His main goal in life is something that he encourages us all to do, and that is to pursue happiness. So give it up for Mr. Van Ewyk, the last Teacher of the Month for the 2016-2017 Founders Academy School Year."

By: Aly A.

April 2017 - Breanna Goodrich-Bundy

Breanna Goodrich-Bundy

"This teacher has a lab/hound mix that was rescued from Alabama. She loves reading, making jewelry, and gardening. This teacher loves her job because of her students. She told me directly that she would not love her job as much without her students. She loves teaching that reading can be fun and she loves to teach students important lessons needed for life. This teacher is nice and fun and fair. I am pleased to announce that the next teacher of the month is Mrs. Goodrich-Bundy."

By: Isabella C.

March 2017 - Kate Mote

Kate Mote

"This month’s teacher of the month is one of the most deserving of the title. Ms. Mote has been a great teacher to students all month, maintaining her patient mindset to help students in their academic excellence, and teaching us new terms every week. She is dedicated to her work and makes the learning experience fun.

As many of you probably already know, she is also the theater director and is definitely deserving of the position, as she had been in numerous plays both onstage and backstage throughout her school years. Ms. Mote devotes hours of her time after school, before school, and even one weekend to our theater program.

She constructs entire castles for fun and creates homes as a pastime. For every single play The Founders Academy pulls off, she is right there in the middle of it. Just recently, her devotion to the high school plays Little Women had caused the play to go to states at a drama festival.

From all that she does, Ms. Mote really is an excellent teacher, and director. Her amazing abilities, from teaching, directing, and being able to drink coffee slowly put Ms. Mote up as an overly deserving candidate for teacher of the month."

By: Trent M.

February 2017 - Kevin Tellier

Kevin Tellier

"Mr. Tellier teaches the level 1 band here at the Founders Academy. He is also the instructor of the jazz band. Mr. Tellier began studying music in 4th grade when he was nine years old. He started off learning percussion, and now can play a variety of instruments, 2 of his favorites are the French horn and euphonium.

Mr. Tellier says that music can make a huge difference in developing successful, motivated, lifelong learners. It can teach different skills, knowledge, and provides experiences that you can’t get in any other subject. His favorite part of teaching music is knowing that he plays a part in developing these skills and experiences. His teaching style is very fun, and all of his students really enjoy it. When he isn't playing or teaching music, Mr. Tellier enjoys scuba diving and competitive table tennis."

By: David B.

January 2017 - Mrs. Jane Cormier

Mrs. Cormier

"I am very honored to announce that the Teacher of the Month for January is Mrs. Cormier. Mrs. Cormier is our new choral teacher this year at The Founders Academy. 

Mrs. Cormier has been performing since she was 5, and started teaching at 21, which helped her pursue her dreams of becoming an opera singer. She has studied at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, with some of the best singers in the operatic world including Joan Dornemann and Nico Caste. 

She has also traveled around the world, to perform gigs and leading roles with countless opera companies. She has lived in Austria and Germany, and has traveled to Italy and St. Petersburg Russia. She has done many shows, but her most well known role is Carlotta, in Andrew Lloyd Webber's Vienna Austria production of 'The Phantom of the Opera.'

Today she teaches many different students of different ages and experience and has staged directed over 30 different operas and musicals. She especially loves working with Opera NH as they have brought the world of opera to young students in NH for many years. Her biggest accomplishments, however, are her children: Catherine, 24, and Christopher, 16.

Mrs. Cormier considers working at The Founders Academy a privilege, as she values the unique and special qualities of our country, as she has lived in other countries. She feels lucky at Founders to share both her loves of music and her country. Well, Mrs. Cormier, we are incredibly lucky to have you!"

By: Jessica B.

Mrs. Cormier's Web Page

December 2016 - Mrs. Lisa Moore

Lisa Moore

"The teacher of the month is Mrs. Moore. Mrs. Moore helps all of her students understand the curriculum, and also offers extra help at any time that she is free. She will always accept late work, no matter how late they are, to ensure that the student understands the material fully.

She is very kind, and encourages all of her students to be kind, as well. Mrs. Moore is very competitive, but when she loses, she congratulates the winner or winners. She makes class fun and interesting by telling jokes during class. She forgives her students for most things, and she does not yell, unless you aren’t paying attention in class.

Mrs. Moore wanted to be a teacher because when she was in eleventh grade, she had to teach sociology to her class, and found out she loved it! Mrs. Moore went to University of Brunswick to become a teacher.

Mrs. Moore's favorite hobby is playing board games, and her favorite color is purple. Her favorite series is the Harry Potter series, and her favorite puzzle is “Famous Scientists”, which is finished, and in her room right now. Mrs. Moore's favorite subject when she was in school was science, of course. Her favorite movies are the “Star Wars” movies, and her favorite T.V. show is “The Magicians”. Her favorite food is chicken, and her most beloved dessert is chocolate.

Mrs. Moore's strengths are being focused, and being organized. Her weaknesses are being stubborn, and another, is her son. Let's have another round of applause, for Mrs. Moore!"

By: Aurora B.

Mrs. Moore's Web Page

November 2016 - Ms. Robin Small

Robin Small

"The November teacher of the month is in her second year teaching here at Founders. Her favorite part about working at Founders is getting to do what she loves each day and watching her students become confident storytellers, critical thinkers, and bookworms. She also likes to warn students about the dangers of incorrect grammar; particularly savage apostrophes, elegant commas, and sharp sentence fragments. She believes that children need to be prepared to face a world where a misplaced comma or a hungry apostrophe could turn up at any moment.

This teacher also writes young adult novels, short stories, and comments on student essays. She enjoys reading books by Annie Dillard and Fyodor Dostoevsky.

She uses creative ways to turn every lesson and topic into a great time. Her students describe her as funny, creative, and kind. The November teacher of the month is Ms. Robin Small."

By: Emily B.

Ms. Small's Web Page

October 2016 - Mr. Michael Gaumont

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Month for October, Mr. Michael Gaumont!

"I am standing before you all today to announce the October Teacher of the Month. As you may know, each month we recognize a teacher that has shown outstanding leadership qualities in the classroom as well as through school activities.  This teacher is inspiring and makes learning fun which encourages my classmates and I to try harder at our assignments. This teacher also brought five students to Concord, NH for a leadership summit. Additionally, this teacher is also very enthusiastic and knowledgeable about his subject. And, did I mention, he likes the Boston Bruins? I am proud to announce the Teacher of the Month: Mr. Gaumont!"
By: Fiona H.

Mr. Gaumont's Web Page

September 2016 - Madame Kathleen Barlow


We are very pleased to announce our teacher of the month for September, Mme. Barlow! 

"Madame Barlow is a French teacher at Founders.  This is her third year here, and she is very much appreciated by her pupils.  Madame is a very friendly, positive and engaging teacher, and she always greets her students in the hall with a friendly 'Salut!'

She helps us study for tests and quizzes by playing unique, fun games in class, and she always has a great story to tell. Madame Barlow has been teaching French for many years under multiple jobs. She spent a summer working in a restaurant in Belgium, where she had first-hand experience with European culture.

Madame graduated BYU in Utah with a bachelor's degree in French.

Madame Barlow has six children, two of which attend Founders, and in their free time, Madame and her husband run a business called Milltown Cakes, where they create amazing specialty and custom cakes. Perhaps Madame will do another assembly about it this year. (hint, hint)

Madame has also planned a trip to Europe in April 2017. On the trip, they will be visiting some important cities in Europe. These include Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, and London.

Recently, Madame planned and organized the 6th grade Orientation at Founders, which ran smoothly and was an immense help to our newest students.

Madame Barlow is a great teacher, and we appreciate and admire her hard work and enthusiasm.

By: Catherine H.

Madame Barlow's Web Page

June & September 2016 - Mrs. Maria Bechis


Mrs. Maria Bechis has been teaching science at Founders for the past two years.  She is very passionate about her subject and about Founders. She loves being able to create her own curriculum and carry out her own labs and projects. She has great faith that all our students can learn science. The main key is to become a good observer.  She also loves teaching science because her students help her to be a life-long learner by asking penetrating questions and coming up with new ideas. For instance, Adam Verville wanted to know why scientists had not come up with an antibody filter so that people could obtain blood safely from any blood type.

Mrs. Bechis is a very experienced science teacher, having taught for 15 years. Her favorite subject is chemistry because it crosses the line between biology and physics.  Her husband, Dennis, is a physicist. He has taught her a great deal about that subject and they have worked together on environmental issues such as water quality, insisting that industries follow safety regulations when installing pipes at stream crossings.

Founders is honored to have such an enthusiastic, experienced and knowledgeable teacher in the science program.


May 2016 - Mrs. Ana Lopez


We are very proud to have Ana Lopez as a member of our staff at Founders. She has accomplished a great deal in her young life. She is a great math teacher, who says she loves working with numbers. She is highly qualified to teach math with two masters degrees; one in elementary education, grades K-8 and a second in middle school math.
Mrs. Lopez grew up in Russia and came to New Hampshire as a nanny to improve her English speaking skills. She met her husband at church. He grew up in Columbia. So Ana also speaks fluent Spanish since she lived with his family for five years. They have three little children, one a baby who was born this year. Mrs. Lopez speaks Russian to her children, and they understand it, but usually respond to her in English.

In order to fit both her teaching and her family into every day, Mrs. Lopez rises at 4:30 every morning. She makes lunch for her children before leaving for Founders.  She is usually at school between 5:30-6:00 a.m. every morning to correct papers and prepare for her classes. Then she leaves school quickly in the afternoon to spend time with her family.

Mrs. Lopez says she loves the Founders mission of a classical education and she also like the opportunity to create her own curriculum.

April 2016 - Ms. Kate Mote

"This month's teacher of the month is Ms. Mote because she dedicates almost all of her free time not only preparing the best assignments for her students, but also running three school clubs.
Ms. Mote is the teacher of a level 2 class, a level 3 class, and two level 3-A classes, where she teaches Medieval and American Literature. She also teaches vocabulary, and sentence diagramming so that we may understand the English language.
Outside of the classroom, Ms. Mote runs the Journalism Club, the Yearbook Club, and the Drama Club. Journalism club releases a school newspaper covering all of the events of our school every few months, and meets once a week on Friday during K-Block. Yearbook Club makes the entire yearbook for our school and meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays during K-Block. Lastly, Drama Club puts on the school play every year, it meets twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday after school from 3:30pm to 5:00pm.
Ms. Mote puts in a lot of dedication to teaching the students here, even coming into school when she isn't feeling the best, because she wants to be here to teach us all of these things. However, as shown this month, she manages to come out as the best teacher."
By: David B.
Ms. Mote's Web Page

March 2016 - Ms. Kelly Griffin


"Miss Griffin is this month's teacher of the month. She expresses great knowledge and passion while teaching her classes.  Miss. Griffin is dedicated to helping her students enjoy science and make a fun learning experience while teaching.

Miss Griffin first discovered her love for science when she was in kindergarten. She always thought she would grow up to study dinosaurs. When she got into high school she quickly realized that was not for her. She started to have an interest in biology and quickly fell in love with it. 

Before she became a teacher here at TFA she worked on experiments as a lab technician. She worked on a project in which she closely analyzed the color of fruit fly’s eyes and related it to their gender

She got into teaching because she loves it. She worked with special ed kids at her previous school she worked in and decided she wanted to become a teacher. She enjoys the challenge she faces in the classroom every day. She loves working with her students."

By: Madeleine G.

Ms. Griffin's Web Page

November 2015 - Miss Jackie Efraimson

miss e

Jackie Efraimson is the new Spanish teacher at Founders and we are so glad to have her aboard.

In addition to teaching fun and interesting Spanish classes, Miss E. does many other things to make the school a great place. Her students celebrated La Dia de Los Muertos with elaborate face painting and a fiesta.

One student said, "I like Miss E. because she give us plenty of time to understand something before she goes on to the next thing." Another student said, "Miss E. is my favorite teacher because she lets us work slowly."

Miss E. also volunteered to be the adviser for the Ocean Club, with an aquarium in her room and planned visits to the shore. And she has even taken on the challenge of teaching the Entrepreneurship class. Right now that class is finding ways of improving the school store with a market survey. Then they will try suggested innovations to make the store interesting and profitable. Eventually they will design their own businesses. 

Thank you, Miss E., for contributing so much to our school!

Ms. Efraimson's Web Page

October 2015 - Ms. Joanna Marcotte


"Before Ms. Marcotte came to TFA she originally went to college to get her degree in becoming a history teacher and had a master's degree in computer science. She originally wanted to become one of the history teachers for TFA but when Miss Mooney asked her about computer science questions she decided to become the computer teacher. She said that the best part of her job is helping students understand technology so they can problem solve with it and better educate themselves. Ms. Marcotte has done so much to improve our computers such as running virus scans, checking all the projectors and much more. She said, "There is never a dull moment in the Tech room," and she loves working here.

By: Madeleine G.

Ms. Marcotte's Web Page

“Helping Students Understand Technology”

Teacher of the Month: Joanna Marcotte

By: Madeleine G.


Before Ms. Marcotte came to TFA she originally went to college to get her degree in becoming a history teacher and had a master’s degree in computer science.  She originally wanted to become one of the history teachers for TFA but when Miss Mooney asked her about computer science questions she decided to become the computer teacher.   She said that the best part of her job is helping students understand technology so they can problem solve with it and better educate themselves.  Ms. Marcotte has done so much to improve our computers such as running virus scans, checking all the projectors and much more.  She said, “There is never a dull moment in the Tech room,” and she loves working here.  

“Helping Students Understand Technology”

Teacher of the Month: Joanna Marcotte

By: Madeleine G.


Before Ms. Marcotte came to TFA she originally went to college to get her degree in becoming a history teacher and had a master’s degree in computer science.  She originally wanted to become one of the history teachers for TFA but when Miss Mooney asked her about computer science questions she decided to become the computer teacher.   She said that the best part of her job is helping students understand technology so they can problem solve with it and better educate themselves.  Ms. Marcotte has done so much to improve our computers such as running virus scans, checking all the projectors and much more.  She said, “There is never a dull moment in the Tech room,” and she loves working here.  

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