How does Mrs. Strub exercise specific teaching methods in her classroom at The Founders Academy? 
Today we add another blog post on the subject of teaching methods. Mrs. Strub, an art teacher at The Founders Academy, answers the question, "How do you exercise the teaching methods of project based learning, debates, and Harkness and Socratic style discussions in your classroom at The Founders Academy?"  

Mrs. Strub:

The majority of our Art class time focuses on project based learning. Prior to beginning a new project, I introduce the new topic of study and encourage the students to share their prior knowledge of what's being introduced. I ask open-ended questions to open a class discussion and help the students find ways to contribute. I explain that all questions are welcomed. I remind the students that no one should feel afraid to share and be "wrong" because it's through discussion, making mistakes and revisiting prior knowledge that we can attain greater knowledge to build upon.  

As we are working on projects in the class, we are continuously exploring how each person works with their materials to meet the project requirements. I foster ways in which each student may tap into their own individual strengths and creativity. I often encourage my students to ask each other questions and share their experiences. I explain that we are lucky to be able to all learn from each other. When I see a student reaching his / her goals and finding success, I ask them if it's alright to share with the class. This further opens up new discussions about their experience and the work they have done with their peers.
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