How do Students Lead at Founders? 

Through various means, we at The Founders Academy encourage leadership among students both inside the classroom and outside of it. Students are always encouraged to think creatively, to share ideas and thoughts, and to be active participants in their own education.

In the classroom:

  • In using the Harkness Method, each discussion group has a student leader whose job it is to recognize which fellow student can speak and to make sure that every student in the group is given the chance.

  • Students lead Round Table discussions or activities and presentations.

  • They organize class projects, dramatizations, discussions, trips, and community service projects.

  • The students are often asked to work together in small groups and even with the whole class.

  • In the classroom, students help each other develop essays with peer editing and revision.

Outside the classroom:

  • Throughout the year student volunteers are called upon to help their peers: there is always a student ready to offer help. This is leadership in public service.

  • At The Founders Academy students lead by planning, organizing, and delivering school-wide assemblies.

  • Students lead by setting a positive example in how they carry themselves both in and out of the classroom in their day to day activities.

  • Students organize school-wide celebrations for their teachers and their fellow students.

  • They volunteer to spend hours of their summer vacation and free time to help the school  community by moving furniture and helping maintain our school.

  • Last year, students took control of the "Hall of Presidents" display in the Humanities hallway.  

  • Students take on important responsibilities in after school clubs, such as Drama Club and Journalism Club. Those who have more experience are expected to help train and guide those who are new.

  • They lead in the High School Senate and Middle School House of Representatives, representing the study body, organizing school events, and creating school policies.

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