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"I can vividly recall the day that my husband came home and told me he had just heard about a great new charter school opening up in Londonderry. The deadline to apply was just one week away. At the time, I was happily homeschooling 3 kids! My husband shared how their focus was going to be on history, morals, debate and leadership- all things we were trying to accomplish at home. Although I do have to share, teaching history was not my calling. I know I leave myself a bit vulnerable here as a homeschooling mom but, I was terrible at teaching history and my kids knew it and in return, they hated history! Applying to this school was a huge gamble for us at the time. Not only did my kids want to remain homeschooled but the idea of going to a school that focused on history was just crazy! Surely we had lost our minds! In spite of pleas from our children otherwise, we applied to the school. To our surprise, both of our children were accepted. The school also changed plans and decided to establish in Manchester, which was even closer for us. We prepared for our first day of school, a little nervous, excited, skeptical and without knowing what would come of our decision, after all, this was still another public school. Now, looking back over the last 2 years at TFA, I realize what an amazing leap of faith we took that summer. TFA has been a wonderful experience for my kids. They have made great friendships both with their peers and with their teachers. I have seen their love for music grow and are amazed by the progress they have made in their band and chorus classes. Also, with Mrs. Henry's new "flipped classroom" approach, my daughter has seen great success in math, even though it is a subject that she has struggled with in the past. And most amazing of all is the enthusiasm and love both of my children now have for history! I hear my kids engaging in conversation with each other about the Revolutionary War and debating one another on their views on freedom and the Constitution. We've had great family conversations at the dinner table and we are quite impressed that we are having a fairly intelligent conversation with them and they really do understand what they are talking about. They have been incredibly enthusiastic about the election process and can tell you quite a bit about each candidates platform. Mr. Van Ewyk has done a fabulous job exposing our kids to history and does it in a way that catches their interest. They have had classroom debates, re-enactments, a mock election that was run completely by the kids. I cannot say enough good things about this school. The change I have seen in my children, the maturity they show in discussing historical topics, their leadership skills, their ability to work as a team on projects with their peers,  and most importantly the confidence I now see in them, is priceless. These capture the essence of a good education, forming children who have the ability to think and act on their own and make informed decisions with enough confidence to stand their ground on their individual beliefs and having fun while they are doing this! Yes, The Founder's Academy is a public school, but not just another public school. They are different. They see your child. They want to teach your child. It is worth every effort you put forth to get your child to this school on a daily basis. Your child will be happy here, they will learn and they will love going to school every day, just like mine!
Cindy Lacasse"
Posted by joanna.marcotte  On Mar 04, 2016 at 11:24 AM
"I do not feel I can fully express my appreciation and gratitude to The Founders Academy.  My daughter is in sixth grade and could not be happier at school.   She was immediately welcomed and supported by both staff and students.  The Founders Academy provides students with the very best educational opportunities and leadership skills.  The curriculum is focused on providing the necessary tools for students to become successful and confident adults.  The material covered is relevant and timeless and will fully prepare students for whatever they may face in the future, no matter what path they may choose.  The Founders Academy is a true gift to the community."  Gratefully,  Christine Quigley
Posted by mmooney  On Mar 04, 2016 at 10:32 AM
"Two years ago I was invited to a meeting about a new charter school that would be starting here in Manchester.  When I attended the Information Night and learned about the hopes for Founders, my son quickly asked if we could try that for a year.  I made it clear that we would be re-evaluating this choice regularly.  After Year One, we again chose Founders.  We have tried the city schools, and we have home-schooled. No method is perfect, no school is perfect either.  I realize that my child's education does rely, in some part, on my own willingness to participate in his education.  Staying on top of assignments by using the Portal may annoy my child, but it means there are really no surprises come report card time.  Volunteering at the school may embarrass my son, but it gives me an insight into the quality of his teachers and they quality of the students that we ask theses teachers to work with every day.  Donating my time and talents to help with the little things not only saves the school money that could be used for important projects, but it makes Founders more like an extension of our family than like the city school institutions where parents are kept at arms length.  No school, no family, will ever be perfect.  But I am pleased with at least 85% of what I have seen and learned at Founders.  There will always be areas where we can reach higher and achieve more.  I believe that we will - if we work together: students, families, and staff.  The stronger we build our communities, the brighter our future.  I believe in the mission of Founders.  Most importantly, I believe in the students of Founders - the leaders of our future, the guardians of our liberty."

-Patrice Benard

Posted by joanna.marcotte  On Mar 04, 2016 at 8:22 AM
"We want to thank The Founders Academy so much for the opportunities that you offer and expose the students during school and even beyond the school day. The Founders Academy has been the best choice we could have made for our son's education. We have been so pleased with everything at TFA, from the academic challenge offered by ability grouping, the numerous musical group opportunities, and the club choices to fit just about any interest. Our son has been able to seamlessly transition from his sending district into this new school environment without missing a beat! He loves it here. Additionally, we want to let you know how very impressed we have all been with the way in which the school honors special historical dates of remembrance and holidays, whether by moments of silence, movies or celebrations or school assemblies. This was one area of development that my son's previous school district did not pursue and they missed many teachable moments each school year. Thank you for making sure these moments are not a missed opportunity for growth and challenging the students young minds to think and learn. Thank you again for the opportunity to have this school choice for our family. Best Regards, Kathy and Bill Otten"
Posted by joanna.marcotte  On Feb 03, 2016 at 10:20 AM
"I have seen such growth and progress in my son's writing skills since being at Founders...the teachers there have created such challenging, innovative, yet fun assignments, that what was once a daunting process has now inspired him to be excited about getting his thoughts down on paper and proud to see his stories come to life!   Thank you for helping him grow as a student!

Thank you,  

Brenda Lombardozzi"
Posted by joanna.marcotte  On Feb 03, 2016 at 10:18 AM
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