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My name is Laura Gandia and I am the parent of two boys grades 11 and 9th both of whom attend the Founders Academy.  I am here today to speak to you about why I chose Founders Academy and my experiences with Founders.  Before I do that, I just want to give you my perspective of who I am.  Both of my sons went to public schools through eighth grade.  During this time, I worked in the public schools.  When the time for high school was approaching for my first son, I took a long hard look at what we wanted as a family for our children for high school which as many of us know is a very challenging and crucial stage in their lives.  At this point in time, I was exploring all of my options.  I was somewhat familiar with charter schools and was hoping to find a good fit for my son.  The more I researched charter schools the more I was drawn to Founders and its mission.  As you may know, each charter school has a mission, some are related to the arts, others to the sciences.  Founders' mission and vision were quite different and related to the individual as person, as a leader.  Its mission and vision are:

The Academy develops leaders who understand and apply the lessons of the past, demonstrate exceptional character and lead by example. The Academy recognizes the importance of balance in the development of the whole person, and respects each student's journey.

Principled leadership is fostered by means of a curriculum of classical studies that includes analyzing the lives of great men and women of history, mining the rich classical ideals of the Western tradition, and tracing the evolution of the precious and costly idea of liberty.

The Vision

The Founders Academy prepares wise, principled leaders by offering a classical education and providing a wide array of opportunities to lead:

• Preparing students to be productive citizens.

• Teaching students how to apply the American experience and adapt to become leaders in today’s and tomorrow’s global economy.

• Emphasis on building ethical and responsible leaders in society.

Reading this, I thought wow this is a novel concept and I was intrigued.  A school that focuses on developing leaders,  exceptional character, leading by example, classical studies, recognizing the lives of great men and women, the idea of liberty.  Needless to say I was hooked.  Putting my son in an educational environment that lays the proper foundation for him to excel is more than half the battle for him in attaining success.  Knowing that this foundation would be properly set would only make his educational opportunities grow.  He applied, was accepted and off we went.

He has been fortunate enough to gain experiences that I feel are unique to the Founders.   For example, he had the opportunity to testify at the State House, to go to NY City to help promote Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness with Nick Adams, to meet various government leaders throughout the state, to witness an executive council session in action.  Experiences that shape and mold him and others into future leaders.  I have found that the families at Founders are truly invested in their children’s education which helps to promote more interaction, discussion and dialogue between the faculty, staff, administration, and parents all resulting in positivity for the students.  Founders provides parents with various opportunities to be involved in decisions that may be outside a parent’s reach in other schools.   Parents feel this and this empowers them to work collaboratively and productively with Founders .      

My satisfaction with Founders is reaffirmed with my second son now attending Founders.  In September, he joined Founders as a freshman, all for the same reasons.

I quietly listen to concerns that I hear other parents raise about their children in high school and think to myself, it is different at Founders - not that Founders is immuned but it is different. Once you set the foundation, the tone, for a good and proper education, great things will surely follow. Founders has the tone that I believe will benefit my children and enhance their education, and social and emotional well-being.  Great things have happened at Founders and I am confident that greater things will continue to follow.

Thank you.

 Laura Gandia at Admissions Information Open House on November 6, 2017

Posted by mmooney  On Nov 07, 2017 at 3:00 PM
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