It Is A Great Opportunity - Graham O. 

Hello and welcome! I am Graham O., a seventh grader at The Founders Academy, and today I would like to tell you a few things I enjoy about my school.

TFA has many great qualities. One of those qualities is the levelized curriculum. If a student needs a challenge in a particular class, they are able to go to a higher level class, so that they are always learning. Being a student that is in some higher level classes, I can say that it is a great opportunity that makes sure I am always learning.

Another great trait of our school is the dedication our teachers show. Our school has teachers from all over the state. There are teachers that live over an hour away from our school, but they still go through the effort to put together great lesson plans, and detailed projects, so that their students are challenged. All of the teachers I have this year, show in every class that they want us to learn and understand the subject. In my opinion, that is what makes the teachers at our school so great.

Also, students at TFA have many opportunities such as this. Over the last few years, some of those opportunities have included meeting state representatives, a New Hampshire Senator, and even a presidential candidate. Many students at TFA have had a chance to meet people from the government and give them tours or ask them questions. This is something not many students, or schools, can say they have done. It also teaches students here leadership skills and teaches them about the community. Skills like that will get them many places in life.

One more thing, is that middle school students at TFA are required to take some form of music. I think this is great, because it gives opportunities for kids like me who love music to find friends that are just like them. Many of my friendships at TFA were made during band or chorus class. When you meet people that have lots in common with you, it is easy to make a new friend. Over the past two years I have been involved in a cappella, chamber choir, and Jazz band along with my regular music classes.

These are just a few great things about TFA, but I would be talking to you for hours if I were to say everything great about this school. I spend one and a half hours every day in the car while traveling to and from TFA, but the things I learn and the people I meet make it all worth it. In my opinion, TFA is a great place for all types of students. It teaches everything from math, to music, to leadership. The qualities students walk away with from TFA are wonderful, and I personally can say that I have become a better person in a many ways after coming to this school.
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