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Hello, my name is Allison and I am going to be a ninth grader here at the Founders Academy. Prior to coming to Founders I attended my town’s public school. My parents and I looked into many other school options because we were never really happy with the school I was in. One of the main reasons we chose founders was because of the leveling system. Here I can attend classes based on my academic level rather than my grade level. Leveling was a system my previous school didn’t have. Because of the lack of levels, no matter how advanced or behind you were everyone was put in the same class. I, personally, was told multiple times that I had to wait for my fellow classmates to reach the level I was already at. Another unique feature Founders has is the freedom they give their students. Students are able and encouraged to start clubs or committees that interest them. Because of this we have a very wide variety of clubs and committees. We have a school, newspaper, drama club.  many more. Drama Club, being one of the clubs with the highest attendance, has but on 2 shows in the past two years. This year we are planning to have 2 shows, one for a middle school production and one for a high school production. Founder’s leadership committee is also a very big part of our school. It is our school’s version of a student council. Students are a part of important decisions such as creating and implementing our schools code of conduct. Our dress code was also amended by our student leadership committee, along with their faculty adviser. Founder’s also has a different class set up than most schools. With smaller class sizes Founder’s teachers are able to focus on a student and their needs as well as the entire class. We also have some classes that are double blocked. Which means that that class will go on for 2 periods instead of just one. This makes it easier for teachers to teach a longer lesson in one class, instead of over 2 or 3 days. Teachers are able to employ various teaching methods here at Founders. For example, one of our English teachers likes to use the Harkness style of discussion. A Harkness table discussion is when students sit around a table and discuss literature, art, history, concepts, or problems. These discussions are student led as well as student moderated. This allows the students to express their opinions in an open ended forum. This class is structured yet free form feeling. This encourages students to speak out and learn how to respectfully disagree with each other. Because of the free form feel of the class, students can easily engage in the material. This teacher has clear expectations which allows students to fulfill their possibility in that class. Round table is TFA's version of homeroom. When school starts we go to our assigned round table and prepare for the day. As Dean Mooney mentioned round table is named and inspired by a family sitting down to dinner and having discussions. In round table we discuss many things from study tips to communication and role models. We have a quote of the week every week and we will discuss the quote and analyze it as well as the person we are quoting. Even though academics and clubs come first for me the main reason I love Founders so much is the environment. Students are pushed to do their best, encouraged to help each other, and teachers are there for anything a student might need. It’s easy in a large public school for faculty and school board members to see a student as a number or a dollar sign that they must compensate for. Whereas here at founders the students and their education are the priority. Teachers teach to the whole student; nurturing them academically, mentally, socially, as well as focusing on character education. We are taught morals and goals alongside math and science. Because Founders recognizes that to be productive and capable members of society a student must be well rounded, intelligent, and have leadership qualities and by knowing this we, as a community, are working to create the leaders of tomorrow.  
Posted by mmooney  On Aug 17, 2018 at 10:48 AM
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