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Hello, My name is David G., a Junior here at the Founders Academy Public Charter School. The Founders Academy has a lot to offer the students and in return gives them experiences to remember. The Founders Academy allows students to be leaders inside the classroom. Inside the classroom, teachers allow the kids to have Socratic discussions based off what the students are currently learning in that particular class. In a Socratic discussion, the students lead the discussion while the teacher listens and takes notes on how the discussion went and writes down key points students brought up. The Founders Academy also allows students to take initiative by allowing them to create their own clubs and run them with an advisor to watch them. Some clubs that have been created are ocean club, board game club, debate club, and many more. Allowing students to create their own clubs allows students to lead outside the classroom in addition to leading inside the classroom.  I have had experiences to remember here while at the Founders Academy. Back in the winter of last year, I had the opportunity to testify in support of House Bill 91 which would change General John Stark day from the fourth Monday in April which is when schools have April vacation, to the second Monday in April, which would give the students the opportunity to celebrate the day at school. Another recent opportunity I had was going down to New York City with some other students to appear on Fox and Friends, a television news network that is nationally broadcasted to millions of Americans  to celebrate Constitution Day. The Founders Academy has given myself as well as other students experiences to remember for a lifetime. Thank You.   By: David G. at the Admissions Information Open House on November 6, 2017.
Posted by mmooney  On Nov 07, 2017 at 12:36 PM
"As a student, I recognize and appreciate when teachers send out their class materials out before late August, as it gives me time to look around at stores, compare prices, and see if there are any sales on the needed supplies. It also allows me to set up what days I can go out and get the materials at my leisure, rather than rushing last minute when a course supplies list was only handed out on the first day of class."  - David B.
Posted by mmooney  On Aug 18, 2017 at 8:32 AM
Hello and welcome! I am Graham O., a seventh grader at The Founders Academy, and today I would like to tell you a few things I enjoy about my school. TFA has many great qualities. One of those qualities is the levelized curriculum. If a student needs a challenge in a particular class, they are able to go to a higher level class, so that they are always learning. Being a student that is in some higher level classes, I can say that it is a great opportunity that makes sure I am always learning. Another great trait of our school is the dedication our teachers show. Our school has teachers from all over the state. There are teachers that live over an hour away from our school, but they still go through the effort to put together great lesson plans, and detailed projects, so that their students are challenged. All of the teachers I have this year, show in every class that they want us to learn and understand the subject. In my opinion, that is what makes the teachers at our school so great. Also, students at TFA have many opportunities such as this. Over the last few years, some of those opportunities have included meeting state representatives, a New Hampshire Senator, and even a presidential candidate. Many students at TFA have had a chance to meet people from the government and give them tours or ask them questions. This is something not many students, or schools, can say they have done. It also teaches students here leadership skills and teaches them about the community. Skills like that will get them many places in life. One more thing, is that middle school students at TFA are required to take some form of music. I think this is great, because it gives opportunities for kids like me who love music to find friends that are just like them. Many of my friendships at TFA were made during band or chorus class. When you meet people that have lots in common with you, it is easy to make a new friend. Over the past two years I have been involved in a cappella, chamber choir, and Jazz band along with my regular music classes. These are just a few great things about TFA, but I would be talking to you for hours if I were to say everything great about this school. I spend one and a half hours every day in the car while traveling to and from TFA, but the things I learn and the people I meet make it all worth it. In my opinion, TFA is a great place for all types of students. It teaches everything from math, to music, to leadership. The qualities students walk away with from TFA are wonderful, and I personally can say that I have become a better person in a many ways after coming to this school.
Posted by mmooney  On Dec 02, 2016 at 5:31 PM
Hi, I’m Garrett O., a freshman here at The Founders Academy. I joined the school in their second year, and have had a great experience. Having come from a larger public school that didn’t always go into depth on the things we were learning about, I was very impressed with Founders and what they taught. The school has a focus on English and History, both subjects I love. When I heard about the school and its mission, I was enthusiastic about it, and very excited to apply. When my mom told me I had been accepted, I was over the moon. That year I had an incredible experience, did so many amazing things, and met so many new friends. The teachers are astounding. As a student, I can say that there is so much passion behind what they teach, and it shows. They are always willing to help students if they need it, and make the class engaging and make learning fun. Some prime examples of this are my french teacher, Madame Barlow, who holds fun, challenging, competitive review games before each quiz or test. Mr. Van Ewyk, my history teacher, holds Socratic seminars, in which for five minutes, each student has to debate something with the teacher, while he tries to contradict everything you say. I know to some it may not sound fun, but trust me, it really helps you understand what you learn. It’s also the most stressful five minutes of your life. He’s that good. There are also many fun and interesting student-run clubs and extracurricular activities available here. Yes, you heard me right student-run clubs. If you have an amazing idea for a club you want to start, you can present your idea to administration and there is a good chance it will become a reality! Last year one of my best friends started a club all about board games, and each meeting we would play a multitude of them. And just today, another one of my friends, the founder of her own language club, held her first meeting. And the extracurricular activities are amazing as well. The middle school drama club is right now preparing for their Christmas play, Wenceslas, and the high school drama club just held auditions for their play, Little Women.   And of course, how could I talk about this school and not mention the incredible community. The overall atmosphere here is a very welcoming one, and I love walking into this building every day. The teachers and students are very friendly, and are always willing to help you and each other out. Let’s say you need help in math. All you need to do is just talk to your teacher, and they will almost always schedule at time for you to meet them that same day. And as someone who struggled in algebra last year, I can say that first-hand. My teacher, Ms. Henry, was always willing to help me in and out of class.  So in conclusion, this school is amazing. There is something here for everyone, I certainly discovered that. This school truly is passionate about what they do, and get the students here excited about what they are learning. This school was definitely the perfect fit for me, and I hope you come and try it. You won’t regret it.
Posted by mmooney  On Nov 21, 2016 at 1:46 PM
Hello, my name is Kylie and I am currently a 7th grade student at The Founders Academy.  The Founders Academy has amazing teachers. I love the Founders Academy because every teacher cares about our grades and gives us every opportunity to succeed. I love this because they will send out every assignment, allow us to study for every test and usually offer extra credit. It has helped me get my grades higher and makes me love school that much more.  I can’t choose a favorite class because all of them are awesome. I have also found great friends here and am very lucky and grateful to be here. In advisory, (which is like homeroom, the first period of the day) we have sign-up sheets to sign up by yourself or with a friend for lunch with a teacher. My friend and I got picked to eat lunch with Dean Mooney last year. We talked about school and we had a wonderful room to eat in. I enjoy every minute here.  I have learned so much more than I expected and I know I have already learned more than I would have if I had gone to another school.   Our school has a lot of classrooms and wonderful tools available to us. The computer lab is an awesome classroom. It is definitely by far my favorite room.  We have many computers and keyboards.  In our science room we have a greenhouse! It is a spacious greenhouse and is beautiful inside. For science we have a classroom, but across the hall we also have a science lab where we perform our experiments. Last summer I took a couple of summer camps at Founders. It was a wonderful experience as an incoming 6th grader and I highly recommend them. I was able to meet new friends and teachers as well as familiarize myself with the layout of the school. The camps were really fun and made my transition in September much easier. My experience has been very positive. I look forward to the future as I continue to grow in my studies and my character.  
Posted by mmooney  On Sep 23, 2016 at 7:39 AM
Hello my name is Emily Ahern and I am a freshman here at The Founders Academy. I came to Founders in the 7th grade when the school first opened. Prior to coming here I went to St. Catherine’s School in Manchester. The Founders Academy’s focus on History and Literature is what initially drew me to the school. Our mission here at Founders is to develop leaders to understand and apply the lessons of the past, demonstrate character, and lead by example. Our vision is to inspire students to have good character, foster responsible leadership and be productive citizens. We are taught how to apply the American experience and to become leaders in today’s and tomorrow’s economy, while also building ethical and responsible leaders in society. When I first arrived at Founders I was shy and quiet. The school and it’s community have really helped me overcome that and now I am very involved in different clubs and activities at the school. What I have learned here in the past two years is not just math, science, History or English, I have learned how to be a leader among my classmates, how to get involved and be involved, how to be a future leader and  a good citizen. I cannot express enough how positive my experience at Founders has been and how it has helped me grow not only as a student but as an individual and future leader in society.
Posted by mmooney  On Sep 09, 2016 at 3:07 PM
Hello, my name is Allison and I am going to be a ninth grader here at the Founders Academy. Prior to coming to Founders I attended my town’s public school. My parents and I looked into many other school options because we were never really happy with the school I was in. One of the main reasons we chose founders was because of the leveling system. Here I can attend classes based on my academic level rather than my grade level. Leveling was a system my previous school didn’t have. Because of the lack of levels, no matter how advanced or behind you were everyone was put in the same class. I, personally, was told multiple times that I had to wait for my fellow classmates to reach the level I was already at. Another unique feature Founders has is the freedom they give their students. Students are able and encouraged to start clubs or committees that interest them. Because of this we have a very wide variety of clubs and committees. We have a school, newspaper, drama club.  many more. Drama Club, being one of the clubs with the highest attendance, has but on 2 shows in the past two years. This year we are planning to have 2 shows, one for a middle school production and one for a high school production. Founder’s leadership committee is also a very big part of our school. It is our school’s version of a student council. Students are a part of important decisions such as creating and implementing our schools code of conduct. Our dress code was also amended by our student leadership committee, along with their faculty adviser. Founder’s also has a different class set up than most schools. With smaller class sizes Founder’s teachers are able to focus on a student and their needs as well as the entire class. We also have some classes that are double blocked. Which means that that class will go on for 2 periods instead of just one. This makes it easier for teachers to teach a longer lesson in one class, instead of over 2 or 3 days. Teachers are able to employ various teaching methods here at Founders. For example, one of our English teachers likes to use the Harkness style of discussion. A Harkness table discussion is when students sit around a table and discuss literature, art, history, concepts, or problems. These discussions are student led as well as student moderated. This allows the students to express their opinions in an open ended forum. This class is structured yet free form feeling. This encourages students to speak out and learn how to respectfully disagree with each other. Because of the free form feel of the class, students can easily engage in the material. This teacher has clear expectations which allows students to fulfill their possibility in that class. Round table is TFA's version of homeroom. When school starts we go to our assigned round table and prepare for the day. As Dean Mooney mentioned round table is named and inspired by a family sitting down to dinner and having discussions. In round table we discuss many things from study tips to communication and role models. We have a quote of the week every week and we will discuss the quote and analyze it as well as the person we are quoting. Even though academics and clubs come first for me the main reason I love Founders so much is the environment. Students are pushed to do their best, encouraged to help each other, and teachers are there for anything a student might need. It’s easy in a large public school for faculty and school board members to see a student as a number or a dollar sign that they must compensate for. Whereas here at founders the students and their education are the priority. Teachers teach to the whole student; nurturing them academically, mentally, socially, as well as focusing on character education. We are taught morals and goals alongside math and science. Because Founders recognizes that to be productive and capable members of society a student must be well rounded, intelligent, and have leadership qualities and by knowing this we, as a community, are working to create the leaders of tomorrow.  
Posted by mmooney  On Aug 26, 2016 at 10:12 AM
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